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Moknari is small village hidden between Taghazout and Imsouane. At the foot of the desert hills and almost touching the Moroccan sea is an intimate space for a unique, local experience that transforms people from the tourists and the hosts, to friends and family. This old village is surrounded by old Argan trees and the goats that climb them, whilst a calm sea trickles alongside the shiny pebble shore below the village.

However, some people come here for more than relaxing evenings playing guitar, dice games, chasing goats and eating the best homemade tagine you can find in Morocco. On either side of the beach front are two reefs home to some of the best waves along the coast. At Desert Point, Moknari’s favourite surf spot, is a cliff face that provides a balcony for long lines of clean waves that stroll in powerfully one after one. If this doesn’t give you enough excitement, then further back up the coastal road is a flat desert track, home to the infamous Boilers Point. Here, you have to earn the right to ride the larger, stronger waves. You must avoid its sea urchins and sharp rocks if you want to taste the sea. If you’re here to learn to surf or ride a longboard to shore, there are spots further North with open beaches like Tamri and the notorious Imsouane. Wherever the beach, Desert Point Surf House’s father and surf guru, Hicham, will take you there with a van of surfboards, the sight of the sun rising and an old CD playing the spiritual Gnaoua music that might give you the courage to try something you’ve never done before. 

Whether you’ve come to the Moroccan coast to relax and eat some exquisite tagine, to learn to surf, or to feel the rush you have missed back home, Desert Point Surf House in Moknari Village can cater to all your needs and make you never want to leave.



Whilst a calm sea trickles alongside the shiny pebble shore below the village…

Desert Point Surf House sits in the middle of the village, with several homely rooms and bathrooms spare for us visitors. If you walk along the beautifully tiled floors and up a set of stairs outside, you will find a multi-purpose communal area that can give you anything your heart desires. From a dining area, to a balcony and terrace that holds the views to sunsets and sunrises, it’s a family space where relaxing games are played in the evenings, and delicious homemade breakfasts are made to ease you into the day. Infinite quantities of delicious mint tea will be drunk there, whilst cats and children will enter and leave as they please.

However, some people come here for more than relaxing….